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Sumi Shan

Sumi Shan is a successful business woman with a lifelong commitment to public service. Whether it is working to empower new Canadians or helping to promote healthy living to the young and old, she has shown her commitment to creating a caring society with more opportunity for all.

As the daughter of a refugee, Sumi learned firsthand the challenges facing Canadians struggling to make ends meet.  Her parents like many other immigrants worked multiple jobs to make ends meet and to provide opportunities for their children.  Seeing the challenges they faced and their struggles, instilled a lifelong commitment in Sumi to improving the lives of others.

Growing up in Toronto, Sumi gave back to the community that provided her family the opportunity to succeed. After graduating with an honours degree from the University of Guelph, Sumi set about a career path in the public service and worked at Queen’s Park, as a senior advisor to various Cabinet Ministers helping to integrate newcomers into the economic fabric of Ontario and creating a more accountable government.

After leaving Queen’s Park, Sumi kept up with her commitment to a more caring society and joined the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Next, she worked with Microsoft Canada advocating for more women in tech and greater awareness of STEM careers. Sumi is currently a Partner and Managing Director at Infinite Enviro Solutions and founder of a Niche Strategies, an international agency focused on supporting startups.

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